Shaping the future of the Creative Communities




What does engagement mean for the arts, cultural, heritage and library sector? What can artists, creative entrepreneurs, cultural workers, arts organization and cultural industry companies do to impact creative work and the creative community?

Creative Works will explore diverse opportunities for engagement and discussions on practical ways of collaborating within and outside the cultural sector. The conference will highlight three exiting areas: equity and accessibility, inclusive programming, and partnership and collaboration. Each session will intersect between two or more areas.

Note: Stay tuned for more speaker updates. Session titles and descriptions are subject to change.


Keynote Presentation
Phyllis Yaffe, Canada’s Consul General in New York, USA


Accessibility in the Arts: Creating Experiences that Count (Panel)
As we work toward a more inclusive arts world, how can the cultural sector be more intentional about creating programs, activities and spaces that are accessible to all, most especially marginalized communities? This session will explore solutions and best practices for creating experiences that count.

Building Effective Networks (Presentation)
This session will highlight the importance of strategic networking. Learn how to identify networks that work and develop strategies for effective collaboration with organizations, cultural workers, artists and the creative community.

Partnering Outside the Box (Panel)
Gain insight in developing partnerships beyond the expected and “same old, same old”. Learn about new opportunities for collaborating on innovative projects, as well as partnering with other sectors and industries.

Marketing Markets (Presentation & Panel)
What are some effective platforms, tools and techniques for gaining exposure, promoting your services and selling your work? Join this panel to shop the best platforms that would bring you success. Each speaker will deliver a short presentation about their products and services, followed by a panel discussion and questions.


A Cultural Workers’ Guide to Corporate Sponsorship (Panel)
Learn the key to developing strong relationships with corporate sponsors. Discover how to align your project objectives, capture attention of prospects and unlock new revenue streams.
Valérie Picher, Associate Vice-President, Community Relations, TD Bank Group
Reena Chohan, Director Corporate Partnerships, TIFF
Jason Maghanoy, Director of Membership & Partner Success, Toronto Life

Creating Safe Working Environments in the Arts (Panel)
Explore the work being done to foster safe working environments for artists and cultural workers. This session will focus on anti-harassment policies and other action plans that can be implemented to improve workplace culture.

Engaging Your Communities (Workshop)
Engaging your communities in a respectful and fruitful way reinforces every aspect of organizational performance – building relationships with partners, increasing awareness, and forging opportunities for collaboration. Through this workshop, learn how to ensure that your diverse stakeholders have meaningful opportunities to participate in the conversations you are creating. Learn how to overcome common pitfalls of focus groups and surveys, and how to ask the hard questions and tease out the truth.
Laura Gaughan, Laridae

Meet the Expert (Roundtable Mentorship)
Meet the Expert is a group mentoring session for participants to get advice on sector concerns such as financial management, marketing and branding, technology and digital solution, government funding etc.
Key Information: 1 or 2 mentors will lead a table of 4 to 6 participants. There will be 3 rotations to give participants some opportunity with other mentors.


#MakingItWork for the Future (Presentation and Panel)
Creative Works will close by providing highlights from WorkInCulture’s MakingItWork research project (facilitated by Nordicity), that aims to identify the needs and priorities of the arts and cultural sector. Attendees will gain insight on how this research will contribute to building better programs, services and support for cultural workers. MakingItWork research is supported by the Government of Ontario.