Shaping the future of the Creative Communities




What does Engagement mean for the arts, cultural, heritage and library sector?

What can artists, creative entrepreneurs, cultural workers, arts organization and cultural industry companies do to impact creative work and the creative community?

KEYNOTE PRESENTER: PHYLLIS YAFFE, Canada's Consul General in New York, USA

The Creative Works Conference will explore the theme of Engagement as it relates to cultivating inclusive and accessibility best practices and fostering a sector that leverages partnerships within and outside the sector to develop solutions, improve sustainability and enhance capacity building.

Intentionality is key to driving successful engagement with different audience groups and communities, therefore Creative Works will highlight three exciting areas:

Equity and Accessibility - Who is accessing art? Who are the gatekeepers? Who is left out and why? What is limiting equitable access and collaboration? How do we engage broadly? Creative Works will explore ways to develop relationships and experiences that count.

Inclusive Programming - What can be done to break barriers that limit engagement with audiences from across our diverse communities? Creative Works will explore ways to create programming and other opportunities for audiences, whether they are participating for entertainment or professional development.

Partnership and Collaboration - How can we enhance growth and improve sustainability by working together within the sector and with others outside of it? Creative Works will explore how to approach corporate sponsorship, and how to create and nurture successful partnerships and collaborations.

The Creative Works experience will also offer the opportunity for a “Meet the Expert” group mentoring session for participants to get advice on sector concerns such as revenue generation, financial management, marketing and branding, technology and digital solution, programming and project development and more.