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with hosts Yomi John and Lisa Fiorilli


HUSTLE + THRIVE (H + T) is a multi-channel learning space for conversation on living, working and thriving in arts and culture. HUSTLE + THRIVE will engage you in discussions around equity, accessibility, inclusion, value and impact of cultural products, learning opportunities and more.

Featuring Ontario’s artists, creators, culture contributors, workers and supporters, learn about their unique experiences, their work, and how they got to where they are. HUSTLE + FLOW will be presented through the 3 Things You Need to Know About… series, and our discussions will be loaded with key points to take away.

LISTEN! You’re Gonna Want to WRITE that DOWN!

HUSTLE + THRIVE will launch in November. Stay Tuned!

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is a pilot project based on feedback and recommendations from Creative Works conference and MakingItWork report, to answer critical culture sector questions and offer comprehensive discussions on how to make the arts and culture sector reflective around issues of equity.
H + T provides a space for conversations on ideas that will impact creative work and the creative community.

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